A Breath Away: Pranayama workshop – Sat Oct 19, 12.30-2.30pm

Pranayama workshop yoga Fairfield

What is Prana? What is Pranayama and why do we do it? What techniques are good to start with?

The breath, the body and the mind are all intrinsically linked. But we tend to neglect or take for granted our inherent life force (Prana) – ultimately to the detriment of our own health and peace-of-mind. 

Join us for our October workshop, where special guest teacher Tamblyn Lord will introduce a basic understanding of Prana and why the regular practice of breathing techniques (Pranayama) and your connection to the breath are instrumental in improving mindfulness and sense of wellbeing. 

Some of the techniques we’ll explore on the day:

Ujjayi (Psychic or Victorious breath) • Full Yogic Breath • Kapalabhati (Shining Skull breath) • Nadi Shodhana (Alternate nostril breath)

In addition to Tamblyn’s inspirational teachings, this workshop will encourage you to further explore the vital relationship that exists between the breath and the mind. It may also help enhance and deepen your current asana practice.

Bookings essential, spaces are limited. Open to all levels – everyone welcome. Some movement involved.

WHEN? Saturday October 19, 12.30-2.30pm
HOW MUCH? $45 ($36 for Yoga Spot Fairfield members)
WHERE? Yoga Spot Fairfield, 70 Station St, Fairfield

About your teacher: Tamblyn Lord has been teaching yoga since 2003 and has a Level 3 Senior registration with Yoga Australia (the highest level available), making him one of the most experienced Hot Yoga and Vinyasa practitioners in Melbourne.

Tamblyn is a founding member of Yoga Flame (Moonee Ponds’) Teacher Training staff and he spends the majority of his time at that studio, guiding students in weekly classes and supporting teacher trainees. It was at Yoga Flame that Tamblyn and Megan, director of Yoga Spot Fairfield, crossed paths.

Tamblyn’s vast theatrical resume as an actor allows him to share a deep knowledge of voice and presence in being heard as a yoga teacher. His studies in physiotherapy also give him an acute anatomical understanding of the physical practice. His Vedanta training in Kerala, India in 2005 supports his passion and respect for the philosophy and traditions across all streams of yoga. Tamblyn is also a children’s yoga teacher trainer, a Thai-massage therapist, an avid hiker and the voice behind the Smiling Mind meditation app.

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