“If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” — Yogi Bhajan


Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour + 250 hour programs

Join our only yoga teacher training for the new year, starting Feb 5, 2022

Become a yoga teacher in 2022 and change the course of your life in ways you’ve always wished to, and some you’d never even dreamed of.

Run by Amy Leonard-King of Yoga Corner and assisted by Megan Gamble of Yoga Spot Fairfield, this is the only Teacher Training course we will offer in 2022. Using Yoga Corner in Melbourne’s CBD as our home base, the training begins on Saturday February 5 and runs part-time across spaced-out weekend modules (see dates towards bottom of page).

Join this journey of self-discovery, expanding awareness and unveiling of truth. Your journey is your own, but the practices are available to all who are ready to take the leap, and will support every aspect of your body, mind, spirit and life.

Join the waitlist to be first in the know. Spots are limited and will fill quickly.


NEW Teacher Training Day Immersion

Fascinated by yoga but not 100% sure you’re ready to embark on Teacher Training?

It’s a big decision, and we’ve all been there (we might be your teachers now, but we also took the leap at some point). Join Amy and Megan as we immerse you in the experience and magic of a day in the life of Yoga Teacher Training.

You’ll get the chance to explore your practice in new ways, dive deeper into the yogic teachings with discussions in philosophy and the history of yoga, and you’ll no doubt meet a few new yoga buddies along the way.

The immersion is designed to help prepare you for the deep and transformational journey that is yoga teacher training. But it will also provide a practical learning experience that serves to deepen your practice as you know it, without needing to take it any further.

When: Sunday 5th December, 2021
Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm
Where: Yoga Corner Studio (+ online option), Basement Level, 447 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Investment: $159

PS If you decide to join our Teacher Training in 2022, you’ll get the Immersion Day price off your TT course investment – our gift to you.


What past participants say about Teacher Training

“Wow! What can I say. My experience of teacher training with Amy and the team has truly surpassed my grandest expectations. For me, signing up for the training was truly a blind leap of faith. It is something that I have wanted to do for years and so my intention to carefully ‘select’ who I did my teaching with was incredibly important to me. Even so, without knowing anything about Amy or Yoga Corner, I decided to place my perfectionism to one side and jump straight in, trusting my intuition that this was where I needed to be.
As a deeply spiritual person, all I can say was I was blown away from the first weekend. The depth of Amy’s wisdom and her capacity to hold space and take the teachings deep into the centre of yogic philosophy straight off the blocks was phenomenal.
What continued to unfold for me was a combination of profound transformation through my own practice, deep respect for the seat you hold as a teacher (humble, wise, creative, intuitive and incredibly compassionate), and what I can only describe as a sense of relief to find myself back in community, back in Satsang, and it has been a homecoming in the truest sense and one of the deepest joys in my life thus far.”

— Sarah (TT Graduate 2020)

“I am feeling emotional that the teacher training is coming to an ‘end’ as it’s been such a huge anchor and support for me during the craziness of this past year of the pandemic. I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me to explore, and I am so curious and excited to keep learning and growing on this path.
I am beyond grateful for the unlimited access to the online and in studio classes during the training to help consolidate the teachings.”

— Maddie (TT Graduate 2020)

“These weekends we have together are so magical. This last one has helped me in forming a clearer vision of my path going forward as a teacher and realising where I want to place my focus, dedication and preparation. I am always so grateful for the time and energy that we share.”

— Lexi (TT Graduate 2021)


More about the Training

Amy Leonard-King and Yoga Corner launched their Teacher Training School in 2019, and have since committed to a continued offering of both 200 + 250hr Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training programs as well as continued education for qualified yoga teachers.

Yoga Corner holds a special place in Megan Gamble of Yoga Spot Fairfield’s heart. As the first hot studio in Melbourne’s CBD, Megan spent many hours practising yoga there, in her former life as a magazine editor. After embarking on her own teacher training journey in 2013, Yoga Corner became the first ‘real’ yoga studio where Megan taught. Through the practice of yoga, Amy and Megan have forged a rich friendship. We are now incredibly excited and humbled to share this teacher training offering with our respective yoga communities.

What makes this training unique?

Our 200hr + 250hr programs offer an experience of deep immersion and transformation, in whatever capacity that initially pulls you in, whether you see yourself becoming a ‘teacher’ or not (yet). The courses are purposefully designed to offer both time to digest the teachings, with weekend modules every 2-3 weeks over 4 or 8 months, as well as an immersive component comprising a 5-day intensive, giving the space and opportunity to deep dive into the teachings and their application.

For Amy, one of the catalysts driving the creation of a Teacher Training School was the realisation after years of meeting, mentoring and working with yoga teachers, that many base-level 200hr Teacher Training courses just weren’t fulfilling the needs of the students. We wanted to offer more. An experience that takes you on an explorative journey into your own practice, as a portal through which you can then authentically and from a place of complete embodiment share your teachings.

This Teacher Training offers both a base-level 200hr program (the minimum requirement for certification as a yoga teacher), as well as supplementary modules which combined make up an optional additional 50 hours (250hr RYT standard), or the opportunity to choose the additional individual modules that speak to you. The additional modules comprise specialty teaching areas including: Yin Yoga (facilitated by Megan), Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga as well as a Post-Graduate Teacher Mentorship to support you beyond the completion of your base-level certificate.

This Teacher Training program is designed first and foremost as an immersive experience into the depths of your own practice. We believe that the most important aspect of any teacher’s offerings is the connection they have with their own practice, becoming the basis for the practices that they then seek to share with others. Our carefully curated trainings will assist you to find the teacher within, through the teachings of yoga itself.

How will I know this is right for me?

There are so many training courses out there. Where do you even start? It can be overwhelming to say the least. In these current times, with a lot happening in the online space as well, we would suggest being wary of the quick fix, ‘cheap’ offerings that arise, claiming to give you everything you need to teach Yoga – rather, trust your instinct, and always follow your heart.

There is a lot to take in and so many options, so don’t rush the process. Sit with how you feel, consider what you are hoping to receive from the commitment you are making, and beware of cheap imitations. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, and also if you’d just like to chat about the process, we are here. Recognise that the fact you have come this far which means you are more than just interested, and so the next question is not if but when and how are you going to take this leap of faith…

The delivery of our course over 7 or 11 weekends along with the additional 5-day immersion gives the best of both worlds – time to embody the teachings, and explore the practices both on and off the mat, both developing the skills inherent to becoming a ‘teacher’. Our programs work both for those who benefit from more intensive study (each weekend module is 2-3 full days), and those who require time to sit with the learnings (spread over a few months rather than 30 consecutive days).

Expect to transform. Expect to be challenged. Expect your world as you know it to turn upside down, and know that you won’t be able to prepare for everything that comes up. This experience is deep, the subject matter vast, and it will impact the very way you look at and relate with life. It asks of you a strong and unbridled commitment to discovering your self through the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga.

If this is calling you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The courses are capped in participation to ensure an intimate and rewarding environment for all (your TT companions will become friends for life), and with a waitlist before each course dates are announced, it is useful to not delay in starting the conversation so that you don’t miss out.

We look forward to sharing this extraordinary experience with you.


Course Curriculum Taster

Teaching Techniques, Methods + Practice: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation

Anatomy + Energetic/Subtle Body

Yoga History, Philosophy + Sanskrit

Effective sequencing + Class planning

Asana Labs: Assisting, Observation + Advanced Asana

Ethics + Teaching in the Modern World

+ much more…


2022 YTT Schedule

Weekend Modules + 5-day Immersion

(Most days will run 7:30am – 4:30pm in the Yoga Corner Studio, Basement Level, 447 Little Collins St, Melbourne)

Weekend #1 5/6 Feb 2022

Weekend #2 19/20 Feb 2022

Weekend #3 4-6 Mar 2022 (full day Friday)

Weekend #4 19/20 Mar 2022

Weekend #5 2/3 Apr 2022

5 Day Immersion 21-25 Apr 2022 (Anzac Day 12pm – 8pm)

Weekend #6 7/8 May 2022

Weekend #7 21/22 May (Including Graduation)


Additional Modules + 250 hour Program 2022

Prenatal Yoga Immersion SAT 4TH JUNE 2022

Restorative Yoga Immersion Weekend 25/26 JUNE 2022

Yin Yoga Immersion Weekend 16/17 JULY 2022

Teacher Mentorship Immersion SUN 31ST JULY 2022


Teaching faculty

Amy Leonard-King – Head Teacher, all areas

Megan Gamble – Assistant Teacher + Yin Yoga Specialist

Gena Kenny – Anatomy + Restorative Yoga Specialist

Guest Teachers – A Surprise!