Hello Ivanhoe

Hot Yoga and blissful Yin are just minutes away. At Yoga Spot Fairfield, we offer a beautiful, contemporary yoga studio, along with classes that suit different needs and stages of experience every day of the week.

Get sweaty or chill out

We adore Hot Yoga and our infrared heating panels make our space a nice, toasty 34 degrees. This helps you to loosen up your muscles and move easily. You can take the heat down a notch in our Flow classes, which are at 28 degrees. We also offer Slow Flow and Beginners classes at room temperature – perfect while you learn.
If you want to take time to completely relax, stretch and meditate, our Yin classes will give your body and mind all the nourishment it needs.
When you arrive, you’ll find mats and towels, showers and changing rooms waiting for you, so you can drop in before or after your daily activities with no fuss.

Join in

If you’d like to try Yoga Spot Fairfield, you might like our Intro Month Pass. It’s $79 and offers you the chance to do as many classes as you like in one month, meaning you can try different styles and teachers to find out what you love. It also gives you access to our online studio. Available just once, it expires 1 month from first use. Book online or via the Wellness Living app.

Close to home

In less than 10 minutes from Ivanhoe, you could be in our studio and blissed out on your mat. We’re right next to Fairfield Station, and while you’re here, you can visit the fabulous shops and cafes that run all the way along Station Street.

70 Station Street, Fairfield, Vic 3078

Welcoming everyone

Yoga Spot Fairfield doesn’t just offer great yoga, but great people too! Our community includes experienced teachers through to beginner yogis, making it friendly and fun. Our teachers focus on your technique, energy levels and wellbeing, so you’ll always feel supported.