Just show up – we’ll help you with the rest


Just show up – we’ll help you with the rest

Our classes are designed for all levels, from absolute beginners to highly experienced yogis. Our teachers are skilled at crafting a class based on movement, breath and philosophy that will encourage you to connect with your body and mind, and those around you.


Here's what we offer

Hot Yoga

A slow moving practice designed to increase strength and flexibility. Great for beginners and experienced yogis alike. We’ll hold asanas (poses) for a few breaths at a time, so expect to sweat, to breathe deeply and to emerge feeling transformed and connected in your mind and body. Conducted in a hot (34-degree) room.


A fluid and dynamic practice that will challenge you in a physical sense and encourage mental discipline. We link movement, postures and breath in a medium-paced sequence, set to music. We’ll offer options for arm balances and inversions but encourage you to practice at a level you feel comfortable with. Conducted in a warm room.

Yin Yoga

A grounding practice, mostly seated or lying on the floor with long holds (think 3-5 minutes) and plenty of time, space and stillness. Yin encourages a state of being, rather than doing. It targets the body’s connective tissues and encourages the flow of energy (or Qi) through meridian (energetic) pathways. You can expect to leave feeling more balanced and refreshed. Yin is great for beginners. We keep the room warm but comfortable in winter and cooler in summer.

Slow Flow

Slow Flow is our non-heated offering. Consider it a more traditional asana-based practice, moving slowly with longer holds and connecting poses, working to stabilise both muscles and joints. We’ll also explore pranayama (breath) and meditation. Open to all levels, especially great for newbies and those managing injury and issues. It’s a soothing style of yoga, perfect after a long stressful day or if you feel like some gentle movement without being too challenged. Non-heated room.

Hot Mat Pilates

A dynamic 45 minute class that offers a full-body workout in a 34-degree heated room. Our Hot Mat Pilates classes will help build your core and glute strength and stability, whilst simultaneously creating a lean, flexible and strong body. We’ll encourage you to be mindful of your movement patterns whilst incorporating elements of balance, strength and flexibility. This class is also great for injury prevention and rehabilitation, conditioning and endurance.

Beginners Series

Beginners courses run several times a year for those newer to yoga, or those returning after some time away. Over the course of four weeks a dedicated teacher will take yogis through a range of postures, stopping to break them down and explore options to make your practice feel more intuitive and familiar. Think of it as a foundational series to prepare you for other classes on our timetable. Take it at your own pace and have a bit of fun. We provide lots of support and an encouraging environment. Open to all. Conducted in a non-heated room.

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