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Megan Gamble

What does yoga mean to you? Yoga is a way of life. It offers a system and traditions that we can use to navigate life, to become better people, and to get closer to our true selves. It often starts out as a physical practice, and then we start to uncover the deeper layers.
 Describe your teaching style in three words… Accessible, nurturing, real. 
Major influences on your teaching? I am blessed to have wonderful teachers and mentors on this journey. My core training is in Vinyasa, but I bring what I know from Yin Yoga into every class. Yin training changed my world. 
Favourite asana to teach? I’ve always loved Warrior 3. It requires strength and balance in equal parts, and there are so many ways to explore the pose. Away from the mat, we’ll find you… At the football, talking about football or reading about football – Essendon in winter and Melbourne Victory in the summer. I’m a bit sports obsessed.

Jaci Hoysted

Memories of your first ever yoga class?  It was a Bikram class in 2006. It was one of the most physically and mentally challenging 90 minutes of my life. But I floated out of the studio on a cloud, feeling calm and spacious. I was hooked. Describe your teaching style in three words…Reflective, nurturing and dynamic. 
Major influences on your teaching? My teaching is heavily influenced by my own practice, challenges and learnings. I’m interested in the science and psychology that we now have to support the ancient practice. 
 Favourite asana to teach? Pigeon pose – it’s a great hip opener to combat our ‘chair sitting’ lifestyle, and it can be challenging physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s a great pose to practice mindfulness. 
Tell us something unexpected about yourself… I have a deep love for Japan, and once lived there for three years.

Dee Leach

What does yoga mean to you? Yoga is a well-rounded practice that helps connect all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When everything works together, life seems to go more smoothly, and is more fun. Memories of your first ever yoga class? It was when I was in high school in Ballarat, at an old church hall with a male teacher in baggy pants and socks with Birkenstocks. He filled the room with bar heaters – not for hot yoga – but to stop the freezing cold. Describe your teaching style in three words…Fun, relaxed and determined. Favourite asana to practice? The simplicity of Warrior 2 to Half Moon and back, with focus on balance and breath. What impact do you see yoga having on your students? Practicing yoga allows the body to tell you what it needs. It’s a great way to be reminded that our bodies are working with us, not against us.

Linda Browne

Memories of your first ever yoga class? My first class was hot and sweaty. I did a lot of Child’s pose to collect myself and my breath. I felt alive and invigorated, but at the same time calm and at peace. It was the beginning of something very special that continues to blossom. Major influences on your teaching? My teaching is influenced by my experiences, my teachers and my community. I want to share the joy, freedom and love. Favourite asana to teach? Warrior 2. Nothing beats a room full of strong, grounded warriors with strong breath and determination. It brings a huge smile to my face. Favourite asana to practice? I love being upside down, so Headstand. I also love the expansiveness and flight that Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) generates in my body. Away from the mat, we’ll find you… At a gig, dancing around and singing at the top of my lungs to one of my favourite bands.

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