Hello Alphington Yogis

If you’re looking for yoga in Alphington, we’re right next door. Come along and explore our spacious, modern yoga studio in the heart of Fairfield, where we offer a variety of classes all throughout the day, every day.

A warm welcome

Hot Yoga is our specialty. We have infrared heating panels spicing up the temperature to 34 degrees, helping you to move freely and build up a great sweat.
If you prefer things a little cooler, we also have Flow classes that are moderately heated at 28 degrees, peaceful Yin classes that we keep warm in winter and cool in summer, and our Slow Flow and Beginners classes which are at room temperature so you can find your feet.
Everything you need is ready and waiting – from mat and towel hire to new showers and changing rooms, making it a breeze to fit yoga into your day.

Get moving

To get moving with Yoga Spot Fairfield, why not join us on our Intro Month Pass. For just $79 you can drop in as many times as you like, try out different class styles, meet different teachers and other students. You can also access our online studio to take your practice home. Available just once, it expires 1 month from first use. Book online or via the Wellness Living app.

Easy access

Whether you drop in from Alphington by train, car, bike or foot, you can’t miss us. We’re just next to Fairfield Station and close to all of the great, eclectic shops, cafes and more of Station Street.

70 Station Street, Fairfield, Vic 3078

Friendly and fun

Yoga Spot Fairfield is not just a beautiful space, but we have a beautiful community of teachers and students too. You’ll find everyone from beginners to experienced yogis, so whatever stage you’re at, you’ll fit right in. Our teachers make their classes friendly and fun, and give you the right support to help when you need. Some classes are challenging, some are relaxing, so you can find what matches your energy each day.