Can I use my existing 5/10 pass to book?

Yes. We have manually adjusted expiry dates on these to reflect the time we’ve been closed. If for some reason we’ve missed you, please drop us an email and we’ll get it sorted in a jiffy.

What about intro offers, memberships and unlimited passes (3/12mth etc)?

These will stay paused. As soon as the restrictions around class sizes are lifted (no more groups of 10), we’ll return to our intro, membership and unlimited offerings. Of course we’ll extend expiry dates to reflect the time we’ve been closed.

UPDATE: As of Mon Nov 23, these offerings have returned and are available to purchase

Will you continue Livestream classes?

At this stage no, unless demand warrants it. We’re keen to hear your views – let us know hereif you want Livestream to continue. We’re currently working to create an ‘on-demand’ platform so digital memberships and a library of classes that you can practice from home will be available in the near future.

Why does the class say ‘Call’ when I’m trying to book?

Bookings open seven days in advance of a scheduled class. If you see ‘Call’, it means bookings aren’t open for that class just yet. 

How do waitlists work?

If a class is full, you have the option to put your name on the waitlist. If a spot becomes available with more than 12 hours notice, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class. You will receive an email confirming your place. Cancellations inside of the 12-hour window will result in a forfeit of that class. 

What if I buy a new 5/10/20 pack but don’t use it all and want to become a member again (or use my old pass)?

We don’t know how long we’ll be operating under restricted numbers but if things should change quickly, we are happy to credit any unused value on class packs towards memberships or give you slightly longer to use them. We’ll be in touch if that’s the case. 

Where can I buy props?

We have a limited range of mats, straps, cork blocks and eye pillows for sale at the studio. Email us if you want to reserve an item. We highly recommend Calm Buddhi bolsters – enter the code ‘yogaspot’ at check out for FREE* delivery (*Melbourne metro addresses only).


When you visit the studio, you can expect the following measures:

  • Limit of 10 students per class – bookings essential. UPDATE: As of Mon Nov 23 this is now 20 students per class
  • Hand sanitiser upon entry 
  • Social distancing floor markers
  • No mat hire. BYO and a clean, full length towel for sweat
  • No props. BYO
  • No mat wipe cloths. BYO
  • Until we advise otherwise, please wear a mask when visiting the studio. If you are out of breath during class, remove your mask as needed. Our teaching team will do the same. 
  • No hands-on adjustments by teachers
  • Showers and kitchen facilities closed, BYO water
  • Studio will open just 15 minutes before class and close 15 minutes after
  • If you are unwell, awaiting COVID-19 test results or have been in contact with someone with a positive test result, please stay at home

Establishing a new routine is incredibly important when our lives have been turned upside down.

By Stefanie Markidis

With lockdown upon us, daily life has changed dramatically and many of our regular comforts – a hug from a friend, an aimless stroll through the city, sitting in your favourite café with a mug of steaming goodness – are unavailable to us. 

The regular routines of our lives are gone (for now), and this can be overwhelming. This is why it’s important to establish a ‘new normal’, a fresh routine for this strange period. 

Routine is a proven way of maintaining good mental health. Of course, a daily yoga practice is key. But here are some other ways to develop a new normal in the time of lockdown:

Establishing structure

Setting up a structure for your day can make large expanses of time more manageable, and psychologically prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

  • Make a list of tasks you’d like to complete during the day. 
  • Set up an enjoyable morning routine (meditation, stretching, coffee).
  • Venture outside for some fresh air at least once every day, if this is possible for you. Otherwise, open a window and breathe deeply. 
  • Establish a soothing sleep routine (devices off, listen to some calming music or play this guided yoga nidra meditation with Yoga Spot Fairfield teacher, Laura).

Develop self-care habits

Set up some small moments of self-care within your daily routine, so they are already in place to support you when you need. 

  • Journaling. Write your thoughts in free-flow or a diary entry. 
  • Humming and ‘om’-ing. This stimulates the vagus nerve, reduces stress and helps your sinuses. 
  • Consistent meal times. Bring on the snacks – but try to keep defined meal times, too. 
  • Move your body. Yoga Spot Fairfield has you covered with our new online timetable and livestream classes.

Connect to your community

Physical distance doesn’t have to mean social isolation – but remember to take time for yourself. 

  • Make time to call others. 
  • Schedule some daily ‘me time’, whether you’re living alone or in a busy household. Think of it as your precious few moments on the office toilet… at home. 
  • Have an offline moment every day. This means no news!
  • Delineate your ‘home life’ from ‘work life’ if possible (see this cute video of a father facing the realities of that challenge).  

Manage your expectations

Rules are for breaking, so remember to give yourself a break when you need it. Remain flexible and know that some days will be more routine-driven than others. That’s okay.  

Be kind to yourself. Yes, Shakespeare (probably) wrote King Lear while quarantined during the plague, but if your daily lockdown achievement is rolling out your mat and lying in savasana, that’s just as impressive.

Starting Monday April 6 – and again on Friday July 10 – Yoga Spot Fairfield is officially moving online. Here’s everything you need to know…

How does livestreaming yoga work?

Step 1) To join a livestream class, book as normal via the MindBody app or through our Timetable page. Note: You must book at least 30 mins before class starts.

Step 2) Download this free Zoom software to your computer or mobile device. 15-30 mins prior to class, keep an eye on your inbox for an email from which will include a link to join a Zoom meeting. Save this address in your contacts list to ensure we don’t land in your spam or junk folder!

Step 3) Roll out your yoga mat, put on some tunes and gather all the props you might need. Think bolster/block/strap or a cushion, thick book and tie or scarf for improvising.

Step 4) Join the livestream class up to 10 minutes prior to class start time. Mute yourself on entry if you desire. 

Step 5) Enjoy! Class starts promptly at designated time.

Your pricing options 

Maximum support – Livestream weekly membership, $25 p/wk

Includes access to:

3 livestream yoga classes per week with all your favourite Yoga Spot Fairfield teachers.

Unlimited access to 50+ on-demand classes from our previous lockdown, including high-quality pre-recorded sequences with all your favourite Yoga Spot Fairfield teachers (via Facebook).

An exclusive members-only Facebook group where we’ll share more yoga content, tips, articles, music suggestions AND links to catch up on the week’s livestream classes (which means you can practice at a time that best suits YOU).

Note: There is no minimum contract term on this membership.

Great value – Livestream 10 class pass, $100

Includes access to:

10 livestream yoga classes of your choice.

Keep it casual – Livestream drop-in class, $12

Includes access to:

1 livestream yoga class of your choice.

It is our hope that the online timetable will grow and expand with our online community so please get behind us in this. Our teachers will be paid for all livestream classes so it’s also our way to support them through this incredibly tough period, when most have entirely lost their source of income. 


Frequently asked questions

Q: I already have a Yoga Spot Fairfield membership, do I still need to purchase an online pass?

A: All memberships were indefinitely suspended on March 23 – and again on July 9 – when we announced our temporary pause. If you’d like to reinstate your regular membership we’d be ever so grateful for the support, and you can absolutely use it to access livestream classes and all the other membership benefits above. Or you can sign up to the new $25 weekly membership. Send us an email via our Contact page if you would like to reinstate.

Q: I already have an unlimited (1/3/12mth) or multi-class pass (5/10-class pass). Do I still need to purchase an online pass?

A: Yes, you can use these options to join livestream classes, you will not need to purchase anything extra. There is of course a price difference, so if you would prefer to purchase a new (and more economical) online pass that’s entirely up to you. If your existing pass remains unused, we will of course extend the expiry date to honour time missed during our temporary closure.

Q: How do I access the members-only Facebook group?

A: Access to this group is by request only. Please click here for a link to the page, make sure you’re signed into your Facebook account, and send us a prompt asking to join. We’ll approve it within 24 hours.

NOTE: This event has been postponed until further notice, due to COVID-19 precautions. We’ll let you know as soon as a new date is scheduled.

We’re very excited the folks from Massoga® Massage Yoga are bringing their style of Yin and intuitive touch to Yoga Spot Fairfield.

What is it?

Massoga® is a unique and magical practice to help you reach a deeper level of connection, relaxation and release. It’s a fully immersive experience with essential oils, music, yoga props and intelligent sequencing designed to give you deeper awareness of your body and mind, all combined with intuitive touch.

What to expect

Your teacher will guide you through a restorative Yin Yoga practice, while yoga adjustors and massage therapists provide expert hands-on adjustment and massage. This creates the perfect setting for deep release and relaxation. There’s a 1:4 therapist/student ratio which ensures plenty of hands-on attention.

Sessions run for two hours, and bookings are essential. Bookings must close 3 days prior to the immersion – this is to ensure we book the correct number of massage adjustors for the session. So don’t wait to confirm your spot. Open to all, first-time yogis especially welcome!

When: To be advised
Where: Yoga Spot Fairfield, 70 Station St, Fairfield 3078
Investment: $79

Embodied Flow is an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditation, tantric philosophy and transpersonal psychology that elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.

This workshop, lead by Yoga Spot Fairfield teacher Laura Escudero, is designed to help bring practitioners into a flow state by working with areas of the body that are proven to relate to optimal states of flow – an experience similar to athletes or musicians being ‘in the zone’.

Immersing ourselves into moment-to-moment presence allows the full spectrum of our awareness to be harnessed. The subject and object in states of flow can merge, creating a time/space blur. Transforming meditation into movement gives us a repeatable practice to glide with more presence and ease through transitions, both on and off our yoga mat.

This workshop will use asanameditationfree movementchanting and journalling, with the intention to deliver participants into a flow state that creates an easeful, optimal dance through life.

Yogis can expect to: 

 Gain a better understanding of flow states and uncover optimal levels for productivity and creativity.

 Learn about yogic philosophy and cosmology and how to integrate these into daily life.

 Explore a range of physical practices including slow flow yoga and free movement in order to challenge and expand ideas around form and shape.

You’ll leave feeling present with an energised focus, at ease, confident and free.

When: Saturday March 7, 1.30-3.30pm
Where: Yoga Spot Fairfield, 70 Station St, Fairfield 3078
Investment: $45 full, $36 Yoga Spot Fairfield members

Our six-week prenatal course is designed to equip mamas-to-be with tools, tricks and tips to instil an inner sense of trust, calm and confidence on their journey towards motherhood

Prenatal yoga offers women a chance to bond with their developing babies and their blossoming bodies, connect to their mama-bear intuition and instincts, and provides practical tools to feel confident and trust in the magical process of creating life. Pregnancy is a time to nurture and connect, as well as to strengthen and stabilise; to tap into a woman’s innate power to become a mother – a temple of courage, compassion and fierce love

The course includes the following:

Yoga asana: modified for each stage of pregnancy to create space, strength and stamina and to prepare you physically and mentally for birth. We’ll discuss labouring positions and take in movements to encourage optimal foetal positioning. We’ll also provide you with basic do’s and don’ts of a safe physical yoga practice during pregnancy and ways to integrate these into ‘regular’ yoga classes.

Breath work: including yogic pranayama and hypno-birthing techniques to facilitate a sense of calm, focus, relaxation and presence during all stages of pregnancy and birth.

Vocal toning, affirmations and mantra: an opportunity to self-sooth, build assurance and explore self-expression through the use of voice.

Guided meditation and visualisation techniques: unwind and connect with bub and learn tools to assist in labour by stimulating release, opening and ease. Also helps increase focus and vitality and builds mental and emotional confidence and stamina.

Our prenatal course is an opportunity to embrace this exciting stage in a safe and supportive environment, and to empower yourself by learning about your changing body. It also enables you to connect with a community of other expecting mothers to share experiences and concerns.

It’s never too early or late to start, this course is ideal for all expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy. However, we do advise:

–    If you are new to yoga, we encourage you to begin in your second trimester, as it’s not recommended to take up any new physical activity in your first trimester.

–    Ensure you are cleared by a doctor to practice physical activity prior to commencing this course.

–    If you are experiencing any conditions or complications, even if you have been cleared by a doctor/OB, please take time to chat with us prior to commencing the course so that we can offer you the best experience for you, your body and baby.

–   Lastly, we believe in mutual responsibility; your teacher has the responsibility to guide a safe practice and offer alternatives, you have the responsibility to listen to your body and only partake in what feels okay within your personal ability each day.

Note: Class will be capped at 14, with a minimum of 8 registered participants for course to run.


Dates: Saturday Mar 7 – Sat Apr 11, 11am-12pm

Investment: $120 for six-week course

Join Mohit for this six-week series and explore the foundations of Hatha yoga in a non-heated room – perfect for beginners or those returning to yoga after some time away.

Week-by-week you’ll break down elements of the practice, discuss basic yoga terms and establish an understanding of correct alignment and technique.

Small class numbers will ensure personal attention and assists, and participants will receive handouts recapping the week’s class for home use and review. 

This series is perfect if you want to:

  • Gain confidence on the mat
  • Build bodily strength and tone
  • Better manage stress and anxiety
  • Tune into your breath 

We know what it’s like to be reluctant to jump into a Hot Yoga or Vinyasa Flow class – or to attend those classes but still feel like a fish out of water. This series is the ideal preparation for our more dynamic offerings.

Can’t attend every week? No problem – either make-up the class with your choice from our timetable, or re-join a session on the next available series.


Dates: Thursday Feb 20 – Thursday Mar 26, 7.30-8.30pm

Investment: $120 for six week course or $160 + 2 extra classes per week

Note: Class will be capped at 12, with a minimum of 8 registered participants for series to run. Extra classes option must be used within timeframe of Beginners Series.

Option 1 –

Option 2 –

Join us on Saturday February 15 for a relaxing day amongst the vines at the beautiful Bellarine Estate on the Bellarine Peninsula. You’ll enjoy yoga, wine tasting, indulge in share platters and meet wine-loving yogis. This event is an amazing day trip from Melbourne. BYO yoga mat (or pre-book a hired mat). 

Your yoga and winery tour starts in Melbourne Docklands, where Megan will meet and greet you at the ferry departure point to the Bellarine Peninsula. Upon arrival in Portarlington, a short bus ride will take us to Bellarine Estate winery, where we’ll stay for the day.

You will get your appetite going with a 60-min indoor or outdoor yoga class, followed by a guided wine tasting in the cellar door. During the wine tasting, indulge in a relaxed lunch with delicious shared platters including a glass of vino on the house. All this will be paired with plenty of laughter and inspiring conversations.

10.15 – Arrive at Docklands ferry departure point
10.40 – Depart Docklands with Port Phillip Ferries (ensure you arrive at least 20 min early)*
12.00 – Arrive Portarlington, transfer to shuttle bus
12.15 – Arrive at Bellarine Estate with shuttle transfer
12.30 – Vinyasa yoga class with Megan
13.40 – Guided wine tasting incl. share platters and wine served in cellar door
16.00 – Depart Bellarine Estate to Ferry
16.15 – Drop off at Portarlington Ferry
16.30 – Ferry departs to Docklands
18.00 – Arrival Docklands
* Changes to schedules and times by Port Phillip Ferries are outside of our control

• Meet and greet at the ferry departure point
• Return ferry from Docklands to Portarlington
• Return bus from Portarlington to Bellarine Estate
• 60 min outdoor or indoor yoga (weather dependent)
• Guided seated wine tasting at Bellarine Estate
• Sharing style grazing platters during wine tasting (vegetarian options available)
• Glass of Bellarine Estate wine of choice

$117 Yoga Spot Fairfield members (direct debit or 12 months up-front)
$130 full

Join Megan Gamble and Jules Jenkinson for this special fundraising event, with all proceeds donated to bushfire relief efforts and the Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary in NSW. 

1pm-2.30pm: Yang to Yin class with Megan and Jules (details below)

2.30-3pm: Afternoon tea donated by Kissaten, beverages by Hart & Soul

3pm-4pm: Optional vision boarding activity

Cobargo was decimated by fire on New Years Eve and this small sanctuary, run by Gary Henderson and Sara Tilling, was razored to the ground. Gary and Sara have been sleeping in the one shed that was still standing on their property and caring for injured kangaroos around the clock, without a thought to their own predicament or wellbeing. We think people like that deserve a helping hand and hence have chosen to donate everything we raise to their cause. You can read more about them here.

The fundraiser will begin with an all-levels, 90-minute Yang to Yin class. Jules will take you through a dynamic, flowing sequence to get the blood pumping and create a state of gratitude in your mind and body. Megan will then share some long, meditative Yin holds to balance your Qi (energy) and move you towards your more purposeful, compassionate self for the new year ahead.

After yoga we’ll convene for a vegetarian and vegan-friendly afternoon tea and conversation, with catering generously donated by our friends at Kissaten (538-540 Heidelberg Rd) and beverages by Sarah from Hart & Soul

We’ll also have a bunch of art supplies on-hand for those who are keen to hang around and create a vision board expressing their hopes and desires for the new year – as was our intention with the original event on this date, New Year, New Mood. 

Come for yoga, come for afternoon tea, or come for vision boarding. The choice is yours.

Minimum suggested donation: $15 – to be paid upon arrival (cash or card)

If you can’t make it on the day but still want to contribute, we’ll be accepting donations throughout the week at reception. We’re also putting out the call for towels and blankets for several wildlife shelters, including Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter (St Andrews, Vic). Second-hand is ok. You can donate these at reception.


This November we’re bringing together three of our all-time favourite things: yoga, food and wine, in another delicious and social collaboration with our friends from Retreat Here.

Join us on Saturday November 23 for an all-levels Vinyasa Flow class, before we re-group around the corner at 15 Pounds for a nourishing vegetarian lunch and glass of wine.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know your fellow yogis, to share in conversations about how much you enjoy your practice, and discover more about the interesting lives you lead away from the mat.

Yoga and wine gatherings such as these have become a specialty offering for Retreat Here, so we are very excited to bring our two communities together. If nothing else, the afternoon is a great way to get a yoga class in, meet some new people, and unwind with a vino.

Bookings essential, spaces are limited. Open to all levels – everyone welcome.

WHEN? Saturday November 23. Doors open 12pm, Vinyasa class 12.15pm – 1.15pm, Lunch, wine and socialising 1.30pm onwards
HOW MUCH? $60 ($48 for Yoga Spot Fairfield members). Price includes yoga class, shared lunch and a glass of wine.
WHERE? Yoga Spot Fairfield, 70 Station St & 15 Pounds Cafe, 21-23 Railway Place, Fairfield