Yin Yoga weekend immersion

Date: Saturday 25 + Sunday 26 June 2022
Time: 8:30am – 4.30pm (In-studio / Online via Zoom)
Where: Yoga Corner, 447 Little Collins St, Melbourne
Investment: $350 (10% off members)

Take a deep dive into the practice of Yin Yoga with one of Melbourne’s most experienced teachers of the method, Megan Gamble.

Megan, who has studied extensively with some of the world’s leading Yin Yoga teachers, will combine her in-depth knowledge of the fascial system with Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory (TCM), giving you a rich experience and deepening of your understanding of both the function and methodology of Yin Yoga.

You’ll discover how all of these topics intertwine as you immerse in the practice.

Across the weekend, you will:

  • Experience and discover a suite of Yin poses and practices
  • Learn how to use props to both support and deepen your experience
  • Discover the important role of fascia in the body
  • Gain insight into Yin Yoga and TCM’s five element theory and our energetic body’s 12 main meridian pathways

This weekend immersion, hosted at Yoga Corner in Melbourne’s CBD, is open to keen Yin practitioners wanting to explore this style of yoga further, and yoga teachers. For teachers, it will equip you with insight required to integrate Yin Yoga theories into your classes and possibly fuel your desire to further explore this unique style of Yoga through continued studies.

All are welcome. Click here to book.

“The Dao is the tranquillity found in the centre of all events, and the path leading to the centre. When we leave the centre, we take on aspects of yin or yang.”

Bernie Clark
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