Livestream yoga classes – we’re online!

Starting Monday April 6 – and again on Friday July 10 – Yoga Spot Fairfield is officially moving online. Here’s everything you need to know…

How does livestreaming yoga work?

Step 1) To join a livestream class, book as normal via the MindBody app or through our Timetable page. Note: You must book at least 30 mins before class starts.

Step 2) Download this free Zoom software to your computer or mobile device. 15-30 mins prior to class, keep an eye on your inbox for an email from which will include a link to join a Zoom meeting. Save this address in your contacts list to ensure we don’t land in your spam or junk folder!

Step 3) Roll out your yoga mat, put on some tunes and gather all the props you might need. Think bolster/block/strap or a cushion, thick book and tie or scarf for improvising.

Step 4) Join the livestream class up to 10 minutes prior to class start time. Mute yourself on entry if you desire. 

Step 5) Enjoy! Class starts promptly at designated time.

Your pricing options 

Maximum support – Livestream weekly membership, $25 p/wk

Includes access to:

3 livestream yoga classes per week with all your favourite Yoga Spot Fairfield teachers.

Unlimited access to 50+ on-demand classes from our previous lockdown, including high-quality pre-recorded sequences with all your favourite Yoga Spot Fairfield teachers (via Facebook).

An exclusive members-only Facebook group where we’ll share more yoga content, tips, articles, music suggestions AND links to catch up on the week’s livestream classes (which means you can practice at a time that best suits YOU).

Note: There is no minimum contract term on this membership.

Great value – Livestream 10 class pass, $100

Includes access to:

10 livestream yoga classes of your choice.

Keep it casual – Livestream drop-in class, $12

Includes access to:

1 livestream yoga class of your choice.

It is our hope that the online timetable will grow and expand with our online community so please get behind us in this. Our teachers will be paid for all livestream classes so it’s also our way to support them through this incredibly tough period, when most have entirely lost their source of income. 


Frequently asked questions

Q: I already have a Yoga Spot Fairfield membership, do I still need to purchase an online pass?

A: All memberships were indefinitely suspended on March 23 – and again on July 9 – when we announced our temporary pause. If you’d like to reinstate your regular membership we’d be ever so grateful for the support, and you can absolutely use it to access livestream classes and all the other membership benefits above. Or you can sign up to the new $25 weekly membership. Send us an email via our Contact page if you would like to reinstate.

Q: I already have an unlimited (1/3/12mth) or multi-class pass (5/10-class pass). Do I still need to purchase an online pass?

A: Yes, you can use these options to join livestream classes, you will not need to purchase anything extra. There is of course a price difference, so if you would prefer to purchase a new (and more economical) online pass that’s entirely up to you. If your existing pass remains unused, we will of course extend the expiry date to honour time missed during our temporary closure.

Q: How do I access the members-only Facebook group?

A: Access to this group is by request only. Please click here for a link to the page, make sure you’re signed into your Facebook account, and send us a prompt asking to join. We’ll approve it within 24 hours.

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