Prenatal Yoga Course – starts Saturday March 7

Our six-week prenatal course is designed to equip mamas-to-be with tools, tricks and tips to instil an inner sense of trust, calm and confidence on their journey towards motherhood

Prenatal yoga offers women a chance to bond with their developing babies and their blossoming bodies, connect to their mama-bear intuition and instincts, and provides practical tools to feel confident and trust in the magical process of creating life. Pregnancy is a time to nurture and connect, as well as to strengthen and stabilise; to tap into a woman’s innate power to become a mother – a temple of courage, compassion and fierce love

The course includes the following:

Yoga asana: modified for each stage of pregnancy to create space, strength and stamina and to prepare you physically and mentally for birth. We’ll discuss labouring positions and take in movements to encourage optimal foetal positioning. We’ll also provide you with basic do’s and don’ts of a safe physical yoga practice during pregnancy and ways to integrate these into ‘regular’ yoga classes.

Breath work: including yogic pranayama and hypno-birthing techniques to facilitate a sense of calm, focus, relaxation and presence during all stages of pregnancy and birth.

Vocal toning, affirmations and mantra: an opportunity to self-sooth, build assurance and explore self-expression through the use of voice.

Guided meditation and visualisation techniques: unwind and connect with bub and learn tools to assist in labour by stimulating release, opening and ease. Also helps increase focus and vitality and builds mental and emotional confidence and stamina.

Our prenatal course is an opportunity to embrace this exciting stage in a safe and supportive environment, and to empower yourself by learning about your changing body. It also enables you to connect with a community of other expecting mothers to share experiences and concerns.

It’s never too early or late to start, this course is ideal for all expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy. However, we do advise:

–    If you are new to yoga, we encourage you to begin in your second trimester, as it’s not recommended to take up any new physical activity in your first trimester.

–    Ensure you are cleared by a doctor to practice physical activity prior to commencing this course.

–    If you are experiencing any conditions or complications, even if you have been cleared by a doctor/OB, please take time to chat with us prior to commencing the course so that we can offer you the best experience for you, your body and baby.

–   Lastly, we believe in mutual responsibility; your teacher has the responsibility to guide a safe practice and offer alternatives, you have the responsibility to listen to your body and only partake in what feels okay within your personal ability each day.

Note: Class will be capped at 14, with a minimum of 8 registered participants for course to run.


Dates: Saturday Mar 7 – Sat Apr 11, 11am-12pm

Investment: $120 for six-week course

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