Embodied Flow workshop – Saturday March 7 with Laura Escudero

Embodied Flow is an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditation, tantric philosophy and transpersonal psychology that elicits the experience of stepping into flow as meditation in action.

This workshop, lead by Yoga Spot Fairfield teacher Laura Escudero, is designed to help bring practitioners into a flow state by working with areas of the body that are proven to relate to optimal states of flow – an experience similar to athletes or musicians being ‘in the zone’.

Immersing ourselves into moment-to-moment presence allows the full spectrum of our awareness to be harnessed. The subject and object in states of flow can merge, creating a time/space blur. Transforming meditation into movement gives us a repeatable practice to glide with more presence and ease through transitions, both on and off our yoga mat.

This workshop will use asanameditationfree movementchanting and journalling, with the intention to deliver participants into a flow state that creates an easeful, optimal dance through life.

Yogis can expect to: 

 Gain a better understanding of flow states and uncover optimal levels for productivity and creativity.

 Learn about yogic philosophy and cosmology and how to integrate these into daily life.

 Explore a range of physical practices including slow flow yoga and free movement in order to challenge and expand ideas around form and shape.

You’ll leave feeling present with an energised focus, at ease, confident and free.

When: Saturday March 7, 1.30-3.30pm
Where: Yoga Spot Fairfield, 70 Station St, Fairfield 3078
Investment: $45 full, $36 Yoga Spot Fairfield members

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