Bingo Yoga Challenge – join us this November!

Yogis! It’s time for our first-ever Yoga Challenge. And in the spirit of how we do things at Yoga Spot Fairfield, it’s a fun one – Bingo Yoga!

Join us from November 1-30 to explore this practice both on and off the mat. Every time you take a class you’ll complete a mini task and can cross a square off your bingo card.

There’s 14 minor prizes on offer for those who get bingo first (e.g. complete the diagonal or a column) and everyone with a completed bingo card at the end of the month goes in the draw to win a 3 month membership ($480).

There’s 25 squares in total on your bingo card and we don’t expect you’ll be in every single day of the month, but these Challenges are designed to draw you deeper into your practice and provide extra motivation to hit the mat. They’re also a wonderful way to get to know your fellow yogis. We’re really looking forward to this one and hope you are too.

Entry is FREE for members (also those on a 3mth or 12mth unlimited pass) or $99 non-members which includes a month of unlimited yoga classes.

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